Meet To Our Team

A2Z Dental Solutions well experienced dental doctors from diverse specialties who are dedicated to protecting and restoring your oral fitness delightfully. We ensure to create a stress free and comfortable service to dissolve the patient’s worries and fears. We perform all sorts of dental treatments under one roof.

Dr. Pathik Patel(Head)

(M.D.S – Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)

A Gold Medalist Graduate. Expert in root canal therapy and cosmetic (smile) make-over treatments. Holds the award for ‘JUNIOR DOCTOR OF THE YEAR’ accredited by BMJ(British Medical Journal) group at New Delhi under BMJ India Awards 2014. Has 8 publications in his belt.

Life member of IDA, IES, GACDE, Canadian Academy of Endodontics (CAE), American Association of Endodontics (AAE), APEC. Specialized for carrying out smile makeover treatments that include direct and indirect composite veneers,ceramic veneers, and the most advanced thinners.
Specialized in endodontic therapies with various regenerative therapies and root canal treatment advances microscopically.

• Resceived 3 National Nominations at Famedent India Awards 2016, Mumbai 1 of wich was 'Outstanding Dentist of the year'.
• Winner of 'Excellence in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry' Award at IHPA 2017, Pune.

Dr. Khyati Patel (Assistant Dentist)

(M.D.S – Prosthodontics& Crown and Bridgework)

Expert in constructing removable dentures ,over dentures , specialized dentures, long span bridges, attachment retained prosthesis, aesthetic veneers, zirconia crowns, Cast partial dentures, full mouth rehabilitation, implant prosthesis and maxillofacial prosthesis.
2 years of clinical experience in Prosthodontics and 2 years in General Dentistry.

Has 6 publications in her belt out of which 4 are in international journals.

Dr. Pankaj Patel (Dentist)

(M.D.S – Operative Dentistry and Endodontics)

Practicing most successful private practice in North Gujarat at Suraj Dental Clinic, Kalol ( Gujarat) since past 28 years.
Has been a respectful speaker for many dental organizations and has conducted various hands on.

A leading consulting Implantologist, specialized to do cosmetic fillings, root canal treatments and management of difficult cases.

Dr. Prema Patel (Orthodontics)

(M.D.S – Orthodontics)

Most delicate, friendly and easy-to-go orthodontist around you.
Over 25 years of successful private practice of Exclusive and Advanced Orthodontics, She has changed many smiles and given highly successful treatment results and 100% satisfaction levels to her child patients, young and adult patients.

Specialized in Child care dentistry, habit breaking treatments, braces (regular as well as cosmetic), retention plates, mini-implants, space maintainers, etc.